Noetsie Hiking Cabins

About This Project

Date : 2014 (under construction)


Client : Department of Public Works and Transport Western Cape / Cape Nature


Type : Public


Site : De Hoop Nature Reserve, Western Cape


Size : 140 square meters (foot print)


Partners : Jacobs Parker


The Brief called for two new enclosed and serviced Cabins of approximately 70 sqm each which will be able to provide overnight stay, ablutions and food preparation for up to twelve individuals for the Cape Nature Whale Trail site in Noetsie.The new units have been configured to be located on the exact footprints of the existing cabins and not exceed these critical extents. The articulation of solid enclosure, glazed and openable areas are generated by functional requirements and establishing convivial views and relationships with the surrounding natural environment. Because of the extreme remote and sensitive character of the site, the methodology of the typical assembly of the units was informed by the idea of light weight, kit-of-parts, modular building components which will facilitate ease of handling, packaging, transport and erection on site. This is translated as a typical superstructure with primary structural components in timber (SA Pine) bolted to down onto a series of timber piles. The superstructure is enclosed by means of a combination of metal sheeting and either timber (SA Pine) or fiber cement horizontal T & G slats. External windows and doors will be made up of powder coated aluminium frames with appropriate glazing. The long term functionality of the design pursues a sustainable approach in terms of the low impact service fit out, choice of materials and absence of any wet trades.