Landscape Appreciation Centre

About This Project

Date : 2014 (under construction)


Client : Department of Public Works and Transport Western Cape / Cape Nature


Type : Public


Site : Lamberts Bay, Western Cape


Size : 143 square meters (foot print)


Partners : Jacobs Parker


This portion of brief (which forms part of a larger upgrade to the Cape Nature Visitors Centre) called for a new Landscape Appreciation Centre to be located on the exact foot print of an elevated deck used by Cape Gannets in the Lamberts Bay Bird Santuary. Because of the sensitive nature of the site, the new building had to be located on the exact footprint of the elevated deck. The building assembly is made up of a portal frame structure wihich stradles a brickwork and aluminium envelope. The actual breeding area of the birds is further to the South West and it is the intention of the new facility to allow visitors to observe the various species in their natural habitats. The fenestration has thus been articulated in such a way to allow for observation from within the new structure of the surrounding areas. Timber slats in both vertical and horizontal configurations have been inserted in the portal frame to shade the fenestration and had been articulated in such a way as to allow views of the bird colony and the coastline. In addition, in the interior space will accommodate various media stations, displaying supplementary information and a suspended whale carcass.

Architecture, Institutional